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Call Center Solutions (CCS)

There is an increasing demand for call center solutions due to increasing customer expectations. Call center solutions are not only practical for increasing efficiency but are also affordable as well. They enable businesses to deliver better service and use resources more effectively.

A call center solution provides

dedicated features for contact center operations in either an inbound or outbound call center environment, offering agents the tools they need to efficiently make and receive large volumes of calls, route callers, and provide assistance to customers and clients over the phone in the shortest possible time.

Application scenarios include:-

• Call Centers & BPO’s
• Real Estate Agencies
• Tele Marketing Agencies
• Offices & SME’s
• Banking Sectors

An inbound call center is a customer helpdesk. Agents receive phone calls from customers and clients and help solve their problems. An inbound call center can meet customer service needs 24 hours a day, handle any type of phone calls for businesses, and route calls to the right sales people or technicians, leaving customers satisfied with services.

An inbound call Center to serve as problems resolution or to handle information related queries. In this scenario you will focus on increasing the efficiency of agents to handle more calls in less or same time. That you can achieve through following

Reduce talk time by providing good scripts etc.
Improve system navigation of agents this will improve overall Average Handling Time for a call
Focus on providing first call resolution or avoid repeat callers for same query
Training or Coaching
Cross Sell

An outbound call center is a telemarketing operation. The outbound activities are calls made by agents to potential customers. An outbound call can provide customers with additional information on existing products and services or bill payment reminders. Such calls extend the customer base through lead generation, research, and product promotion.

Primarily, an outbound Call Center helps users to up sell their products. The aim of this type of Call Center is to enable all agents to produce more successful calls where they convince customers to purchase their products.
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